Energy Conservation Lab

In renewable energy sources wind is a good alternative of conventional sources of electricity in the areas where wind potential is sufficient. The winds of the earth are caused primarily by unequal heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Pakistan is blessed with major wind resource areas which are located in South-eastern Pakistan, Elevated mountain summits, Central Pakistan, Elevate mountain summits, Ridge crests especially in northern Pakistan. Immense potential of wind energy, approximately 346,000*MW, is available in our country.

CERAD is going to generate electrical energy by using wind Electrical Conversion System (WECS). We will design 5kW Wind Turbine. To extend the idea of wind energy we have to keep in mind the challenge of variable wind speed that changes our mechanical power every moment.

A wind turbine is a machine which utilizes the wind and take power from it as electrical power. When the wind strikes on the blades of the turbine the blades starts rotating through which the hub is coupled with the generator rotor by which we have the mechanical power as the input of this generator and electrical power as an output which is store in batteries and then utilize where electrical power is required.