Pakistan is in the serious grip of energy crisis in all the segments of economy and other sectors. Self-sufficiency in energy is the assurance to excel any country’s economy so keeping in view the energy shortage problems, Punjab Government has taken an initiative in the form of Center for energy research and development (CERAD) as a research based project for a duration of 2 years with a budget of 292.000 M rupees to explore and utilize the renewable energy resources in Punjab. The objective behind setting up the Centre for energy research and development is to evolve efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions of Punjab province. The Centre is carrying out research on various types of renewable energies. The Centre is also a platform for technical evaluation of various energy systems compatible with our environment, besides validation of various technologies currently in vogue. The Centre is also contributing towards the training of postgraduate students and currently 30 students are enrolled in M.Sc. Energy engineering program. 


The center for energy research and development (CERAD) will strengthen the capacity of energy sector actors in Punjab and in Pakistan as a whole, in order to contribute actively towards the replication and scaling up of successful energy technologies, policies and management practices, and increasing access to energy services for socio-economic development. The CERAD will mobilize the unique and diverse resources in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, electronic, materials and mechanical engineering to offer competent and professional service, in support of national, regional and international development priorities and aspirations in the area of energy technology, policy and management with a focus on Punjab. The CERAD will mobilize resources that are unique and impressive; they include professors, lecturers, and research fellows with professional accreditation in specialized areas of engineering, science and technology, development, environment and management; brilliant postgraduate and undergraduate students; experienced technicians; laboratories and workshops; libraries; 24-hour high-speed internet connectivity; computers; and competent secretarial support staff. 


The CERAD will reach out to a  wide range of clients including government, industry/ micro, small, medium and large, as well as private and public enterprises, civil society/ NGOs and CBOs, donor agencies and other international organizations. The CERAD will be well recognized in Pakistan and the world at large for expertise in practice-oriented academic research and training in energy policy, renewable and conventional energy technologies, and energy management/ efficiency and conservation 


Provide training, research and advisory services to public and private actors in energy technology, policy and management. Support government and non-governmental organizations in the harvesting and dissemination of knowledge and best-practice in energy technology, policy and management. Enhance capabilities of selected/ interested academic staff to conduct training and research in energy technology, policy and management. Create an effective organizational framework for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and development in the area of renewable and conventional energy technologies, with due cognizance of environmental and institutional imperatives, national and international development priorities and aspirations.