Director Message

Renewable energies have the important potential of allowing development and environmental changes to be dealt with jointly. In recent years there has been a significant development of alternative energy technologies, both in terms of performance and cost reduction. Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is not well developed, rather it is considered to be under developed. Currently the country is facing energy crises despite of strong economic growth and rising energy demand no serious efforts have been made to install new capacity generations. Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population and also has the largest and fast-growing economy in the country compared to other provinces and administrative units. It contributes 60% of the GDP and it has large industrial base with more than 48000 units. There is a growing un-met demand which offers an opportunity for investment in power generation projects based on various indigenous sources. To explore and utilize the indigenous sources in Punjab. Government of the Punjab has setup a center for energy research and development (CERAD) at UET KSK. The objective behind setting up of CERAD is to evolve efficient, innovative, and cost-effective solutions of the Punjab province. The center is carrying out research on various types of renewable energies. The center is also a platform for technical evaluation of various energy systems compatible with our environment, besides validation of various technologies currently in vogue. The center is also contributing towards the training of postgraduate students. MSC energy engineering classes are being conducted at the center and PhD program in coal engineering is under consideration.

Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood

Director CERAD