Research Publications : 2021-2022

Research Papers/Title Research Papers/Author/Name Research Papers/Impact Factor Research Papers/Date of Publication Research Papers/Quartile Research Papers/Publisher
Efficiency evaluation of the microgrid for selection of common bus using copula function-based efficiency curves of the converters Hira Tahir 5.35 24-Sep-21 Q1 Elsevier
Robust L Approximation of an LCL Filter Type Grid-Connected Inverter Using Active Disturbance Rejection Control under Grid Impedance Uncertainty Muhammad Saleem 3.004 25-Aug-21 Q2 MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Hierarchical Single-Objective Model Predictive Control with Reduced Computational Burden in Cascaded H-Bridge Converter based on 3-level Flying Capacitor Unit Cell Dong-Hwan Park 3.367 18-May-22 Q1 IEEE
Techno-economic analysis of energy storage devices for microgrid’s ramp rate control using bi-level evaluation method Hira Tahir 8.907 4-Oct-22 W Elsevier