Academic Program: M.Sc. Energy Engineering


Masters in Energy Engineering is the oldest post-graduate program offered at New Campus. It is the unique master’s program of the university, as it is cross and inter disciplinary program in which beside CERAD faculty, faculty members from four departments (Mechanical, Mechatronics & Manufacturing Engineering Department, Chemical, Polymer & Composite Materials Engineering Department, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department, and Energy Engineering Department) of three faculties (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical, Metallurgical & Polymer Engineering, and Faculty of Electrical Engineering) are involved.

Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

The graduates will be:

  1. Able to pursue successful professional career as individual member or leader of the team by applying knowledge related to energy engineering.
  2. Able to contribute tothe development of sustainable solutions in line with society’s current energy needs by integrating key science and engineering principles.
  3. Able to demonstrate continuous professional and personal growth in a multidisciplinary engineering environment.

Curriculum for Masters in Energy Engineering

Two options in M.Sc. Energy Engineering program, each with total 30 credit hours are being offered:

  1. Thesis option: 8 courses (24 credit hours) + research thesis (6 credit hours)
  2. Non-thesis option: 10 courses (30 credit hours)

Note: All courses are 3 (3+0) credit hours.

Course Code Course Title
Core Courses
CERD-502 Energy Statistics and Forecasting
CERD-505 Energy Resources, Economics, and Environment
CERD-506 Energy Auditing and Conservation
CERD-507 Numerical Methods for Engineers
Elective Courses
CERD-503 Clean Coal Technologies
CERD-510 Advanced Materials for Energy applications
CERD-511 Energy Materials Characterization
CERD-512 Research Methodologies in Engineering
CERD-513 Management of complex projects and procurements
CERD-514 Optimization Techniques
CERD-515 Advanced Power Systems
CERD-516 Introduction to Turbo Machines
CERD-601  Wind Energy
CERD-603  Design and Management of Energy System
CERD-616 Bio-Fuels Development and Applications
CERD-618  Fuel Cell Systems
CERD-619 Power System Quality, Planning, and Reliability
CERD-620 Solar Energy Systems
CERD-621 Thermodynamics for Energy Systems
CERD-622  Waste to Energy
CERD-700 Thesis

Date of commencement of MSc. M.phil Energy Engineering Program

Year of Commencement of Program: 2012

Date of Approval: 3rd Jan. 2013