Academic Program: M.Sc. Energy Engineering


M.Sc. Energy Engineering Program is a multidisciplinary program in which a Graduate Engineer registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) can get admission. In particular, the graduates of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Minning Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Electrical Engineering can undertake this multidisciplinary course.

Program Education Objectives (PEO):

The graduates will be;

1    Employed  in  the  public  or  private  sectors  in  the  areas  of  energy  science,  energy engineering, or energy business management or pursuing an advance degree.

2    Contributing  to  the  development  of  solutions  to  society’s  current  energy  needs  by integrating key science and engineering principles while being adaptable to changing organizational and societal needs.

3    Engaged in individual projects and multidisciplinary teams designing, evaluating and recommending methods and strategies for the efficient production, processing, and utilization of renewable or non-renewable energy and addressing the associated environmental challenges.

Date of commencement of MSc. M.phil Energy Engineering Program

Year of Commencement of Program: 2012

Date of Approval: 3rd Jan. 2013