Solar Photovoltaic Module Testing Lab

Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERAD) took its initiative by establishing Solar Photovoltaic Module Testing lab with the technical assistance of Chinese general certification (CGC) and some German consultants. This facility is first of its own kind which is maintained as per International Quality and Performance standards with the help of Government of Punjab in Kala Shah Kaku Campus, UET Lahore. The lab is providing its services to both Government and private sectors regarding PV Module Qualification testing. The lab implemented the PV Quality standard IEC 61215, IEC 61701 and safety standard IEC 61730-2. Services provided to the stakeholders includes but not limited to: Test the PV module Performance and comparison with name plate specifications

  1. Evaluation of PV module’s performance under different environmental conditions
  2. Assess the degradation rate and manufacturing quality
  3. Detect degradation effects after long periods of outdoor exposure
  4. Verify system design Qualification Besides technical testing and validation, lab also offers its services in training of students and trainers about PV Module Quality standards, design failures and their determination through qualification testing procedures. List of Equipment & Test Conducted:













Sr # Equipment Test Conducted
1 Sun Simulator
  • Flash Test
  • Light Induced Degradation
2 Electroluminescence Tester
  • EL Test
3 Programmable Insulation Voltage Tester
  • Insulation Resistance Test (IEC 61215:2016)
  • Wet Leakage Current Test (IEC 61215:2016)
4 Mechanical Load Machine (Static)
  • Mechanical Load Test (IEC 61215:2016)
5 Hail Test Machine
  • Hail Impact Test (IEC 61215:2016)
6 UV Chamber
  • UV Preconditioning Test (IEC 61215:2016)
7 Salt Mist Corrosion Chamber
  • Salt Mist Corrosion Testing of PV Modules (IEC 61701)
8 Water Spray Test Machine
  • Water Spray Test (UL 1703)
9 DC Power Supply (60V-50A)

  • Ground Continuity Test (IEC 61730-2)
  • Reverse Current Overload Test (IEC 61730-2)
10 Load Impact Tester (45.5Kg)
  • Module Breakage Test (IEC 61730-2)
11 Thermal Chamber
  • Thermal Conditioning
12 Lightening Impulse Generator
  • Impulse Voltage Test (IEC 61730-2)
Sr # Equipment Test Conducted

Battery Capacity Tester

-        Capacity Test

-        Cut through Analysis

Sr # Equipment Test Conducted


DC power Supply

DC Power (V/I) Meters 

-         PWM function verification 

-         MPPT functionality Verification

-         MPPT Efficiency

Sr # Equipment Test Conducted

AC power source

THD & Harmonic meters

Power Analyzer
Variable Voltage Transformers

High Frequency Oscilloscopes

DC power Supplies
DC power Meters

Function Generators

-        Maximum & Minimum Voltage Sustainability Test

-        Overload Endurance

-        THD measurements on certain loads

-        DC to AC conversion Test

Sr # Equipment Test Conducted


-        Photometric Test (LM-79)


Illuminance Meter

-        Chromaticity Measurements (LM-79)


DC Power Supply

-        Harmonic Current Emission Test (IEC 61000-3-2)


Salt Mist Corrosion Chamber

-        Corrosion in artificial Atmosphere/Salt Spray Test Report (ISO 9227)


Surge Generator

-        Surge Immunity Test (IEC 61000-4-5)


Thermal Chamber & IR Thermal Imager

-        Thermal Test (UL 1598_14)

Sr # Test Conducted

Strand Diameter (mm)


Overall Diameter (mm)


Insulation Resistance @ 70 C (MWkm)


DC resistance at 20 C (W/1000m)


Insulation Thickness


High Voltage 1.5kV for 5 min