Pakistan’s First Mobile solar Testing LAB

Center for Energy Research and Development (CERAD) UET has recently launched Pakistan’s first mobile solar testing lab which is a unique initiative and is geared up to resolve many problems. This mobile testing facility is fully equipped and provides on-site solar PV module testing services. Customer’s ease has been focused while launching this service since it will endow the customer with

cost-effective expert services at their door step and the team guides the customers about the precautions of buying the new solar panels. The novel idea has started getting positive responses from all corners. This mobile testing lab provides below mentioned services at your door step:

  • Testing services
  • Precise measurements
  • Fastest test results
  • Expert guidance

Photovoltaic panels are too tested such as EL Testing, Thermal Imaging and String Analyzing. The team also tests batteries. The internal resistance of the batteries and the health and capacity are checked and tested properly as per the standards. Wires’ DC Resistance, insulation test and standard verification are also done. Mounting structure is also tested such as paint/galvanization thickness, gauge verification, orientation and title angle verification are checked and tested very skillfully by the experts. With mobile PV testing lab, you will get secure services and you will make sure that your worthy investment in a solar system or plant is safe.

“This is the first mobile solar testing lab in Pakistan

that provides services to the solar panel users at their doorstep and also guides them about the measures that consumer need to keep in mind while using or buying solar panels.”

Imran Ali Shah